Bad Weather Course

Lakes Sky Ultra is all about pushing the boundaries of mountain trail running, but under certain circumstances we might need to move to a bad weather course.

The bad weather course has been devised with just as much planning & thought as the full course, if not slightly more due to the fact the weather will be pretty darn bad before we move to this course.

As race organisers we dont ever want to move to a bad weather course, but in certain circumstance it is possible that we need to do so.

In keeping with the full course & the nature of the challenge the bad weather course will follow as much of the original route as possible & keep as much technical terrain as possible.

You will head out from Ambleside, from the University of Cumbria campus & make the same climb to the summit of Dove Crag. Here you will find the CP 1. Moving on, over the same ground as the full course, you head over Hart Crag and Fairfield (marshals in place), but then turn North East and drop down Cofa Pike into Deepdale Hause to CP 2. Continuing along the ridge line of St Sunday Crag you'll first summit this & then head past the top of Pinnacle Ridge to re-join the main route, dropping into the col and on down to the blunt ridge of Arnison Crag and Patterdale School for CP 3 and our 1st Feed Station.

Heading out on the main route you climb back up to Angle Tarn, via Boardale Hause, from here its a quick jaunt to CP 4, at Satura Crag, dropping back into Hartsop and then heading up the Scottish named valley (of which there are a few around Patterdale) of Threshthwaite Glen to Threshthwaite Mouth & CP 5.

CP 5 is the place you re-join the main route again, taking you up on to Stoney Cove Pike, Caudale Moor, gracefully down to St Raven's Edge (in a howling gale!) and drop you into CP 6, Kirkstone Pass, our 2nd Feed Station and our 1st 'KOM Super Stage', the ascent to Red Screes. Once your completely batter from the ascent to the summit of Red Screes, you will then start the descent and the 2nd of our 'KOM Super Stages' to run as fast as your tired legs will carry you, into the finish and a waiting hot meal! Plus the glory of finishing the Bad Weather course.

Lsu Map Updated July 2016 Bad Weather
Bad Weather Course 2016 - © Harvey Maps

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